Russian branded trains

Russian Train Tickets
High-speed trains
High-speed trains in Russia are relatively new bullet trains of several types, such as Sapsan, Nevsky Express, Allegro, Strizh, and Lastochka. At each moment of movement, their speed is not less than 140 km / h, and the average route speed, including parking lots, is not less than 85 km / h. In practice, it means that a high-speed train can get from one city to another at least twice faster than an ordinary train. Say, a night train runs from St. Petersburg to Moscow for 7-11 hours, and a bullet train Sapsan reaches the destination in less than 4 hours.
Sleeper trains
Most of the long-distance trains in Russia are sleeper trains, in which passengers sometimes spend several days, so such trains provide everything for a comfortable stay. Even on the routes where express day trains are available, many of the passengers prefer overnight trains as more economical use of time, it can save your money for accommodation, and it is often less expensive.