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Allegro train

Allegro is a high-speed train service between St. Petersburg and Helsinki.
Russian Train Tickets
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Quick facts about Allegro train

  • The name of the train means ‘fast’ in Italian
  • All passengers are welcomed to the restaurant located in a car 3 where they can enjoy culinary delights of Finnish and Russian cuisine.
  • Families with kids will appreciate the playroom and a table for nappy changing, both in the 7th car.
  • For those who travel with pets (please, note that only dogs and cats are allowed) there are special seats in the 6th car with dog anchors.
  • There are 2 seats for disabled people in the second car. For disabled passengers there is also an accessible toilet, space for wheelchairs and a lift for easy boarding.
Allegro train

Allegro train schedule

Route Fastest trip Number of trains Price from
Helsinki - St. Petersburg 3h 27m 4 trains 60.84 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
St. Petersburg - Helsinki 3h 27m 4 trains 60.84 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
Helsinki - Vyborg 2h 21m 3 trains 80.76 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
Lahti - St. Petersburg 2h 40m 4 trains 101.43 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
Vainikkala - St. Petersburg 1h 27m 4 trains 82.85 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
Tikkurila - St. Petersburg 3h 14m 4 trains 60.84 $ Show schedule Hide schedule

Classes of cariages of the train Allegro

Seating carriage

Seating carriage

Seating carriages have soft seats and folding tabels like on the plane. There are several classes of seating carriages, which differ depending on included services and seats arrangement.

Allegro seat map

Business class seat 1
Economy class seat 2 4 5 6 7
Bistro seat 3

Allegro train is the easiest way to travel between Helsinki and Saint-Petersburg: it takes only 3.5 hours to get from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki or back. Allegro connects main railway stations of Helsinki and Saint Petersburg and has a great advantage over travelling by plane. Both railway stations are centrally located which allows to avoid a long travel from the airport, lines at the luggage claim and customs. All formalities connected with border control are held right in the train which helps you to save time and makes the international trip more comfortable and easy.
Allegro rating:
4.67/5 based on 2005 reviews of travellers
Train length 184.8 m
Maximum speed 220 km/h
Manufacturer Alstorm (France)
The total number of seats 341

Allegro FAQ

How fast is the Allegro train?

How long is a trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg by Allegro train?

Why is Allegro train better than a flight?

What is the difference between first and second class?

Are meals included in the Allegro train ticket?

Are pets allowed to the Allegro train?

Is there Wi-Fi on the Allegro train?

Allegro train reviews

feedback left 1 week ago
Train comfort super, meal in restaurant ok, dokument control very easy and professional
Train number: 786A
Travel date: 30 Oct 2019
Brother George, Sweden
feedback left 1 week ago
A very pleasant train trip. Nothing to complain about.
Train number: 785М
Travel date: 02 Nov 2019
Sara, Australia
feedback left 2 weeks ago
quiet, professional, comfort, quiet border crossings, fast journey, ecologic! merci
Train number: 783М
Travel date: 27 Oct 2019
Johanna.CH, Switzerland
feedback left 2 weeks ago
Trip was nice, clean bar and good comfort overall note: We read about "check in 45 minutes in advance" at the Helsinki railway station. This was not necessary, when the train arrived in the station, and the booking was completed, you could jump on it like an other regular train. The check (boarding passes) was during the trip, on board of the train.
Train number: 788М
Travel date: 27 Oct 2019
luc, Belgium
feedback left 3 weeks ago
Great trip, but it should be made clear on the ticket where the train leaves from. We went to the wrong Station after being told by three separate people (locals).
Train number: 781М
Travel date: 19 Oct 2019
David, Australia

Electronic check-in

This train supports electronic registration. It means that a ticket which you receive by e-mail is already valid; a passenger should just print it and show on boarding along with the passport.