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Quick facts about Red Arrow train
Red Arrow train
  1. Red Arrow was the first branded train in USSR.
  2. The board restaurant offers European standard since 1996.
  3. A special song is played at the train station at the time of the departure of Red Arrow.
Classes of cariages of the train Red Arrow


Luxury carriages (which are called “soft”) have fewer compartments (4-6) and the cabins are larger than in the ordinary first class carriages. There is shower in the carriage or even in the compartment. Most compartments include a private bathroom. Other amenities include TV and individual a/c. The cabins in luxury carriages are sold entirely for one or two passengers, it guarantees the most level of privacy and comfort.

VIP A (large cabin for 1 or 2 persons)

A large compartment with a private bathroom. The cabin is sold entirely. Seats: Transforming sofa 120 cm wide, upper berth 90 cm wide (folding). Berths arrangement / number: vertical / 2. Included service: hygienic kit, bath robe, slippers, superior linen, meal (may not be included for some trains - please, check with customer support. Amenities: folding table, chair, TV, DVD, shower cabin, WC, individual a/c, safe. Carriage: 4 large compartments

Second class

Second class also known as coupe carriage consists of 9 separate quardruple compartments with four bunks (2 lower and 2 upper), a fold-down table and a sliding door. Among other amenities are personal reading lights, storage space (built-in shelves over the door, boxes under the lower bunks, racks on the wall beside each bunk).
Second class

2nd class superior

A standard compartment in a superior carriage. Seats: 2 lower and 2 upper berths 70 cm wide. Berths arrangement (number): 2+2. Included service: meal, hygienic kit, printed press. Carriage: 8-10 compartments, a/c, bio toilets.

2nd class standard

A standard compartment. Seats: 2 lower and 2 upper berths 70 cm wide Berths arrangement (number): 2+2 Carriage: 8-10 compartments, a/c, bio toilets.

First class

The cabin consists of two bunks and a folding table. Usually both bunks are lower, but some trains have compartments with one lower and one upper bunk. Other amenities of the compartment include personal reading lights, storage space under the lower bunks and a sliding door. Usually there is also a mirror and in some trains - a wardrobe and sockets.
First class

1st class business

Capacity: 2 persons.Pets are allowed. Facilities: 2 berths, a folding table. Included service: meal, hygienic kit, superior linen. Carriage: superior; 8-10 compartments, a/c, bio toilets.
Red Arrow (Krasnaya Strela) train is very famous and has a long history. The first ride of the train was at July 9th in 1931. Since then it was many times renovated, of course, and now offers its passengers all the best and the most modern. Red Arrow train is called the trademark of the railways in Russia, and it fully justifies its flagship status. The train provides passengers with a full range of services along the way, as well as exquisite interiors of cars and a comfortable quiet atmosphere. The service of Red Arrow is one of the best on the Russian railways.

Red Arrow train reviews

4.71/5 based on 1978 reviews of travellers
Train number: 001А
Travel date: 14 Apr 2024
On my last trips to Russia I took 4 long distance trains. Everything perfect. Reservation service, friendly staff, clean train.
Marco Cilio, Italy
Train number: 002А
Travel date: 25 Mar 2024
C'est vraiment un moment extraordinaire de mes vacances en Russie! Voyager de nuit dans ce train mythique ! Un service impeccable et efficace. Tout était exceptionnel ! Très professionnel ! Merci pour cette expérience !
Jean philippe , France
Train number: 002А
Travel date: 15 Aug 2020
Good, polite service onboard. Clean compartment.
Lone, Denmark
Train number: 002А
Travel date: 19 Feb 2020
It was an amazing trip! I recommend it. The train is very luxurious and the luxury carriage is very comfortable. The personal is very helpful.
Eric, France
Train number: 002А
Travel date: 12 Feb 2020
Excellent staff member, good breakfast Departure and arrival on time good temperature and bead.
Éric , France
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