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Grand Express train

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Quick facts about Grand Express train

  • Often the train Grand Express is compared to a 5-star hotel on wheels.
  • No other train can boast the same services available for every passenger regardless of a carriage class: free Wi-Fi internet, digital TV, hot breakfast.
  • In the city of arrival the passengers of the luxury, premium and business class carriages can use the service of a personal transfer, which is included in the ticket price.
Grand Express train

Grand Express train schedule

Route Fastest trip Number of trains Price from
Moscow - St. Petersburg 8h 56m 1 train 72.19 $ Show schedule Hide schedule
St. Petersburg - Moscow 8h 25m 1 train 105.55 $ Show schedule Hide schedule

Classes of cariages of the train Grand Express

First class

First class

The cabin consists of two bunks and a folding table. Usually both bunks are lower, but some trains have compartments with one lower and one upper bunk. Other amenities of the compartment include personal reading lights, storage space under the lower bunks and a sliding door. Usually there is also a mirror and in some trains - a wardrobe and sockets.



Luxury carriages (which are called “soft”) have fewer compartments (4-6) and the cabins are larger than in the ordinary first class carriages. There is shower in the carriage or even in the compartment. Most compartments include a private bathroom. Other amenities include TV and individual a/c. The cabins in luxury carriages are sold entirely for one or two passengers, it guarantees the most level of privacy and comfort.

Second class

Second class

Second class also known as coupe carriage consists of 9 separate quardruple compartments with four bunks (2 lower and 2 upper), a fold-down table and a sliding door. Among other amenities are personal reading lights, storage space (built-in shelves over the door, boxes under the lower bunks, racks on the wall beside each bunk).

Grand Express is the most luxury overnight train operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This comfortable train consists of 4 luxury cars, 4 first-class cars and 2 second-class cars, as well as a Staff car and a Restaurant car. There are different classes of cars and each of them offers a certain range of services. However, there are such amenities that are available for each passenger of Grand Express train: free Wi-Fi internet and digital TV, as well as hot breakfast. No other train can boast the same services available for every passenger regardless of a carriage class.

Grand Express train reviews

feedback left 1 week ago
The train was very nice and clean. The service was fantastic. Dining car was fun. They confused our order and brought more food and refused to take it back. Kind of funny. The bathroom was fine, we loved the service when taxi cab drivers were already waiting for us outside our train car! No hassle. Maybe too many things on a little table of our compartment?
Train number: 053Ч
Travel date: 04 Oct 2019
NV, Russian Federation
feedback left 5 weeks ago
Loved it - only dislike was that the journey wasn't long enough to get maximum benefit :)
Train number: 053Ч
Travel date: 08 Sep 2019
Jo & Anthony Robertson - Australia, Australia
feedback left 2 months ago
It was on time, clean and luxurious.
Train number: 053Ч
Travel date: 03 Aug 2019
Chris from South Africa, South Africa
feedback left 2 months ago
The staff was friendly and the trains were on schedule.
Train number: 053Ч
Travel date: 02 Aug 2019
Mr. Markku Ronkko, Finland
feedback left 2 months ago
Totally worth documenting down every single bit of our virgin overnight train ride. Contrary to what we heard, the whole experience was safe and smooth. We had a pleasant and comfortable night rest in this iconic #grandexpress train from Moscow to St Petersburg. Less the space constraint, the cabin is clean, service is good, breakfast served on time, butler service picked us up the moment we stepped out of the train. So happy and no regrets for doing this, bucketlist checked!
Train number: 054Ч
Travel date: 23 Jul 2019
Steph, Singapore

Electronic check-in

This train supports electronic registration. It means that a ticket which you receive by e-mail is already valid; a passenger should just print it and show on boarding along with the passport.