Ticket types

On our website, you can book a train ticket online. It is an easy and secure way to get a ticket to a preferred destination. However, there are different types of train tickets, and they should be issued differently. 
Please, pay attention to the information below, which will help you to book and use your ticket properly.

- E-ticket (electronic ticket) 

This ticket has an electronic registration – it means that a ticket that you receive by e-mail is already valid; a passenger should just print it and show on boarding with the passport. It is also allowed to show your ticket by mobile phone, however, we strongly suggest printing a ticket out.

E-ticket is the most popular and the most suitable, so if you have several options, we recommend you to select those trains which support electronic check-in. They are marked on our website with a blue “E-registration” sign.

Routes with electronic registration: 

• Most of the Russian interurban trains 
• Most of the international routes (Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland) 

- E-ticket without electronic registration

This ticket can be also received by e-mail, but you need to get also a boarding pass at the train station before getting on your train. You can use either a self-service terminal or a cash desk at the train station to obtain a boarding pass, for this, you need a 14-digit number of your e-ticket and your passport. 

Routes without electronic registration: 

• Trains between Russia and Uzbekistan and some trains between Russia and Ukraine
• Some trains within Russia (very rare)

Please, note: you can obtain a boarding pass only on the territory of the Russian Federation! 
Thus, if your train to Russia does not support an electronic registration, we can provide you with a boarding pass obtained at the train station in Russia (an extra charge for delivery is accepted). 

Instruction on how to obtain a boarding pass at a self-service terminal:
1. On the screen select the option «Print prepaid tickets»
2. Use the bar code scanner to enter a booking number or enter it manually (14 digits)
3. Enter the passport number of one passenger. If your order includes several tickets, you will receive all of them.
4. After filling the data, press “request”, then you may check the details of your ticket. Finally press “print out” and take a boarding pass.