St. Petersburg Railway Stations

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities all over the world. Thousands of tourists every year visit the city. St. Petersburg has a well organized transport network. If you want to visit the famous suburbs of St. Petersburg or having enjoyed the city to continue your journey to other cities of Russia or Europe, you can choose traveling by train, one of the most popular and convenient means of transport. There are five railway stations in St. Petersburg.

Moscow Railway Station

Address: 2 Vosstaniya Sq.

Metro Station — Ploshad Vosstania or Mayakovskaya

Moscow railway station (Moskovsky Vokzal) is the main train terminal of St. Petersburg. It is located right in the center of the city, on Uprising Square (Ploshchad Vosstaniya). The nearest metro stations are Ploshad Vosstaniya (the red line) and Mayakovskaya (the green line). The terminal serves the following directions: Moscow, North of Russia, the Urals, South of Russia, Novgorod, Central Asia, Caucasus and Crimea. The Moscow train station in St. Petersburg was built in 1851 by architect Konstantin Thon under decree of Nicholas I of Russia.

Baltic Railway Station

Address: 120 Obvodnogo Kanala Emb.

Metro station: Baltiysky vokzal

Baltic railway station (Baltiysky Vokzal) is situated to the South-West of the center, next to Baltiyskaya metro station (the red line). The station serves only local lines including famous suburbs — former residences of Russian tsars — Peterhof/Petrodvorets, Lomonosov and Gatchina. The rail terminal was constructed by architect Alexander Krakau after Gare de l'Est in Paris. The station was opened on 21 July 1857. Nowadays by the volume of local traffic the Baltic rail terminal in Saint Petersburg is one of the busiest railway stations in Russia.

Vitebsk Railway Station

Address: 52 Zagorodny Ave.

Metro station: Pushkinskaya

Vitebsk railway station (Vitebskiy Vokzal) is located near Pushkinskaya metro station (the red line). The directions include St. Petersburg suburbs such as Pushkin and Pavlovsk, South-West Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Central Europe. The Vitebsk rail terminal was constructed by architect Konstantin Thon and was opened in the presence of Nicholas I of Russia on 30 October 1837. Initially the station was named the Tsarskoe Selo Station. A replica of the first Russian train that departed from the platform of the station for the imperial residence at Tsarskoe Selo may be seen as a permanent exhibit at the modern Vitebsk railway station.

Ladozhsky Railway Station

Address: 73 Zanevsky Ave.

Metro station: Ladozhsky vokzal

Ladozhsky railway station (Ladozhskiy Vokzal) is the newest and the most modern train terminal of St. Petersburg located on the east bank of the Neva River, at the Ladozhskaya metro station (the orange line). The Ladozhsky rail terminal was opened in 2003 for the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg. The station serves Northern Russia, Urals, Kazakhstan and Finland. The disign of the station was developed by architect Nikita Yavein.

Finland Railway Station

Address: 6 Lenina Sq.

Metro station: Finlyandsky Vokzal (Ploshad Lenina)

Finland railway station (Finlyandsky Vokzal) is located next to the Ploshchad Lenina (Lenina Square) metro station. The terminal is historically interesting. In 1917 before the October Revolution Vladimir Lenin arrived at the station and gave a historic speech from an armored car. The station operate local directions such as Vyborg, Repino and  Zelenogorsk. The fast Russian-Finnish train Allegro also has a stop at this station on the way to Finland.

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