Coronavirus Travel Information

Coronavirus update: 21st September 2021

When planning your trip it is important to be informed of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Below is the latest information regarding the current situation.

Border closing

Russia closed its borders for all foreign visitors from 18.03.2020 till further notice. Here are the few exceptions: foreigners studying in Russia; family members of Russian citizens; diplomatic workers and members of their families; relatives of a deceased person, provided that they have documents confirming their relations; transit passengers; foreigners seeking medical treatment; international ship, cargo, train, sea crew members performing their work duties; specialists who carry out adjustment and maintenance of imported equipment; holders of special visas, issued to visit the funeral of a person, permanently residing in Russia; Russian citizens and permanent residents.

The borders of Russia are open for the citizens of certain countries with which Russia has resumed regular air travel. 

The international flight connection reopened between Russia and several counties from the special list approved by the government. Today the list of such countries includes the UK, the USA, Spain, Iraq, Kenia, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Livan, Luxemburg, Mauritius, Morocco, Switzerland, Tanzania (temporarily no air connection), Egypt, UAE, Maldives, South Korea, Jordan, North Macedonia, Iceland, Malta, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Mexic, Japan, Serbia, Cuba, India, Finland, Vietnam, Qatar, Greece, Singapore,  Germany, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Siria, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Seychelles. 

About the test before departure: On the departure to Russia, travelers must show a negative result for a COVID test conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival (in English or Russian language).  Russian citizens arriving without a test result must submit to this test within 72 hours of arrival, foreign citizens will not be accepted on board without this test. 

There is no quarantine upon arrival.

About the canceled international trains

The Russian Federation’s rail connection with other countries has been temporarily suspended until further notice. We will start selling the tickets to international trains as soon as the international rail connection will be reopened.

About the internal Russian Trains

Train services across Russia are currently running as normal, though some changes are being made to the frequency of some trains. Unfortunately, most foreigners cannot come to Russia from abroad because of the border closure from the 18th of March until further notice. If you booked the domestic Russian train tickets with us and need to change your travel plans, you can postpone your trip (reschedule for a later date), or cancel with a full refund (in case the tickets had not been issued). You can change your tickets to a different date/time and use the amount you paid in rubles as a deposit. We appreciate you may not know your new travel date, so feel free to change to any future date and you can edit this again if necessary nearer the time unless the new tickets have been already issued.