Russian train tickets - Useful information

When to book train tickets in Russia

Most tickets for Russian trains can be issued the earliest 60 days prior to the departure date. The earliest time to issue the tickets for some destinations, for instance, Ukraine is 45 days prior to the departure. However, you can select your train and make an advance booking at our web-site for any date, and we will issue your tickets as soon as the sales start.

Electronic tickets for Russian trains

An electronic ticket is a special voucher indicating that a certain seat, bunk or compartment is reserved in your name. The printed copy of an electronic ticket is enough to board most trains in Russia, or you can even show it on the screen of your mobile device. For some trains, which do not support electronic registration, the passenger has to exchange the voucher for a boarding pass before the departure. We always notice the passenger if the ticket has no electronic check-in. Read more about the types of train tickets in Russia.

How to cancel train tickets

Contact us if your travel plans change and you need to cancel a ticket. We operate a cancellation policy and reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equal to 1400 RUB per ticket. We can decline your cancellation request if you send it less than 3 days before the departure date. 

How to change train tickets

Contact us if your travel plans change and you need to change a ticket. We accept change requests no later than three days before the departure date. In fact, to change your ticket we need to cancel it and issue a new one. We will charge 1400 RUB per seat for this operation.

Child fares for Russian train tickets

We offer a 30% discount for children aged under 10 years. Also, one child under the age of 5 years may travel free of charge without a separate seat. The child's age must be proven onboard the train when tickets are inspected. The discount is valid for all trains operating within Russia. Different child policy may apply to international routes.