Smoking ban on Russian trains

Smoking ban on long-distance trains and suburban platforms comes into effect on 1 June 2014

According to Russian Federation Federal Law, which comes into force on 1 June 2014, tobacco smoking is prohibited on long-distance trains and passenger platforms used exclusively for passengers boarding and alighting from suburban transport trains. The smoking ban does not apply to platforms used for passengers boarding and alighting from long-distance trains.
Since 1 June 2013, a ban has already existed on tobacco smoking on suburban railway transport, outdoors within fifteen meters of the entrances to railway stations and in railway stations themselves.
That is, smoking is only allowed at least 15 meters from entrances to railway stations.
In implementing measures to protect the health of citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption, Russian Railways is working to inform passengers at stations and infrastructure facilities and on commuter and long-distance trains about the smoking bans imposed, in particular by visual displays about the bans on signs, banners, stickers and announcements.