Russian train types

There are several train types in Russia – high-speed, express and regular. Express and regular trains are designed to travel for long distance and can also be called 'sleeper trains'. High-speed trains are seating trains operating between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow ('Sapsan') and on international direction Saint-Petersburg — Helsinki ('Allegro').

There are three types of carriages in the long-distance trains: 1st (SV), 2nd (Kupe) and 3rdclass (Platzkart). At some trains there are also seating carriages. The 1st class has two beds in one enclosed room, the 2nd class includes 2 lower beds and 2 bunk beds in one enclosed room and the 3rd class has 4 beds in a non-enclosed area. Read more about carriage classes at Russian trains

Express and regular trains can be branded. Such trains have the modern equipment of thecars, unique design and a wide range of high-quality service. The trains usually have restaurant cars, the food can be also ordered and delivered to the compartments. The most branded trains are provided with air-conditioning,heating systems, TV sets and Internet access. Services include tea/coffeedelivery 3 times a day and at any time on passengers` request, supplying with refrigerated boiled water, cleaning-up the berths and providing withinformation. Every branded train has its unique name concerned with its route. For example, among the branded train on the route Moscow — Saint-Petersburg are 'Red Arrow',  'Grand Express', 'Express'.

Another train type is high-speed train. The Sapsan is a new high-speed train in Russia running between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This train can reach speeds of up to250 km/h and is fully adapted to Russian climate. Number of passenger seats on the Sapsan is 554. The train features 2 business class carriages, 7economy class carriages and a bistro car. Read more about 'Sapsan' trains

The Allegro is a Finnish-Russian high-speed train cruising daily between Helsinki and St Petersburg. Read more about 'Allegro' trains

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