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Details zur Verbindung St. Petersburg - Murmansk

Schnellste Verbindung 23h 59m
Durchschnittliche Reisezeit 24h 56m
Distanz 1014 km
Züge im Überblick
Erste Abfahrt 09:50
Letzte Abfahrt 21:24
Züge pro Tag 2 - 2
Preis ab 78.13 $


Reisedatum: 10 Feb. 2020
Cabin was good but bed hard and not wide enough for a big man. Food was excellent. Train was so slow
Tony, Australia
Reisedatum: 11 Jan. 2020
This is a 24 hour train journey and I didn't realise there would be no opportunity to buy anything to eat or drink on the train and I didn't take anything with me!! I was so tired and hungry by the time we got to Murmansk. The train is heated and very warm so i was incredibly thirsty. Luckily the people I was sharing my carriage with shared their water with me.
Annabel, United Kingdom (UK)
Reisedatum: 28 Dez. 2019
I liked the staff and the experience. Even the way is around 1.000 km the train was on time schedule.
Dragos, Romania
Reisedatum: 05 Okt. 2019
We enjoyed so much the trip with the train. Thank you very much for arranging the tickets for us.
Risma from Borneo of Indonesia, Indonesia
Reisedatum: 29 Juni 2019
Perfect service, everything in the train was very clean (during all the long time), friendly people - altogether an outstanding experience which I would not like to miss.

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