São Petersburgo - Murmansk Bilhetes de trem

Comprar bilhetes de trem para Murmansk. Simples, rápido, sem taxas ocultas.

Detalhes da rota São Petersburgo - Murmansk

Visão geral da rota
Viagem mais rápida 23h 59m
Tempo médio de viagem 24h 56m
Distância 1014 Km
Visão geral dos trens
Primeira partida 09:50
Última partida 21:24
Trens por dia 2 - 2
Preço a partir de 77.40 $

Comentários sobre o trem

Número do trem
Data de viagem: 10 fev 2020
Cabin was good but bed hard and not wide enough for a big man. Food was excellent. Train was so slow
Tony, Australia
Número do trem
Data de viagem: 11 jan 2020
This is a 24 hour train journey and I didn't realise there would be no opportunity to buy anything to eat or drink on the train and I didn't take anything with me!! I was so tired and hungry by the time we got to Murmansk. The train is heated and very warm so i was incredibly thirsty. Luckily the people I was sharing my carriage with shared their water with me.
Annabel, United Kingdom (UK)
Número do trem
Data de viagem: 28 dez 2019
I liked the staff and the experience. Even the way is around 1.000 km the train was on time schedule.
Dragos, Romania
Número do trem
Data de viagem: 05 out 2019
We enjoyed so much the trip with the train. Thank you very much for arranging the tickets for us.
Risma from Borneo of Indonesia, Indonesia
Número do trem
Data de viagem: 29 jun 2019
Perfect service, everything in the train was very clean (during all the long time), friendly people - altogether an outstanding experience which I would not like to miss.

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