Sheremetyevo - Moscow express train

What is Aeroexpress?

Aeroexpress is the name of high-speed trains operating between the center of Moscow and the main airports. The trains run regularly every 30 minutes. Travel time is 53 minutes.

How to find Aeroexpress in Sheremetyevo airport?

The Aeroexpress rail terminal at Sheremetyevo airport is a five-story building that is connected with Sheremetyevo terminals D, E, and F by pedestrian galleries. Follow the signs.

How to get to Sheremetyevo from the center of Moscow by train?

By the Aeroexpress train, you can get from Belorusskaya metro station to Sheremetyevo airport in an hour. The Aeroexpress terminal is located in the Belorussky Rail Terminal. As there are two "Belorusskaya" metro terminals, there are also two entrances to Aeroexpress - #2 and #4.

At the exit from the Belorusskaya metro station ("circle" line), turn left and get to Entrance #2 of the Belorussky Rail Terminal. After undergoing security checks inside the rail terminal building, turn right and go to the Aeroexpress terminal.

At the exit from the Belorusskaya metro station ("green" radial line), turn right, then turn the corner and enter the first door of Entrance #4 to the Belorussky Rail Terminal. 

What are the working hours of Aeroexpress?

The trains depart from Sheremetevo from 6.15 a.m. till 23:45 every half an hour. The last train in the opposite direction departs at 00:38.

Economy or business class?

Aeroexpress offers two classes of cars - Economy and Business. Both categories are comfortable. Economy class tickets are valid for any departure on the selected direction and date and have no seat assignment. Business-class tickets are valid for the chosen route, date, and time.  The seats in Business class are assigned. If you have a Business class ticket and miss your train, your ticket is valid for any next departure on the same date - but in Economy class carriage (without a guaranteed seat).

How to purchase?

The tickets can be purchases in the ticket office at the station. Also, you can pay instantly at the turnstile. To purchase economy-class tickets and pass through the turnstile, you only need to place your bank card or mobile device against the reader located at the top of the turnstile and marked with a yellow circle. The required amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account in accordance with valid fares.

Both economy or business class electronic tickets for Aeroexpress can also be purchased by e-mail, if you prefer to book in advance. Feel free to request them at