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Ulan-Ude - Chabarowsk Zugfahrkarten

Russische Zugtickets
Abfahrtsort: Die Länge des Feldes muss zwischen 1 und 35 Zeichen betragen Unknown station
Ankunftsort: Die Länge des Feldes muss zwischen 1 und 35 Zeichen betragen Der Zielort stimmt mit dem Abfahrtsort überein Unknown station
Abreisedatum: Das Feld muss ausgefüllt werden
Rückreisedatum: Das Feld muss ausgefüllt werden

Ulan-Ude nach Chabarowsk Details zur Verbindung


Schnellste Verbindung 49h 59m
Durchschnittliche Reisezeit 54h 00m
Distanz 1979 km

Züge im Überblick

Erste Abfahrt 05:15
Letzte Abfahrt 16:47
Züge pro Tag 3 - 4
Preis ab 0.00 $

Ulan-Ude - Chabarowsk Zeitplan

Abfahrtszeit Ankunftszeit Fahrzeit Abreisedaten Zug Preis ab
05:15 15:53 56h 38m jeden Tag 100Э 138.80 $
15:02 19:01 49h 59m jeden Tag 002Щ Rossiya 0.00 $
16:47 01:29 54h 42m Odd-numbered 008У 0.00 $
16:47 01:29 54h 42m jeden Tag 008Н 131.65 $

Ulan-Ude - Chabarowsk train reviews

feedback left 3 days ago
The bathrooms were cleaned often and thoroughly, but they were always quite smelly. Other than that, the trip was perfect!
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 09 Juli 2019
Ceres Videira de Freitas e Barros, Portugal
feedback left 6 days ago
The train (002 ) from Moscow to Valdivosok was climatized, modern and mostly on time. The arrival in Vladivostok was on time. The trip went like anticipated. It was not the first time I used the Russian Railway on long range trips , so I am quite familiar with everything. In the new carriages we had 1 socket for the chargers ( Laptop, Mobile devices etc.) Internet is provided ( WIFI). The carriage was cleaned 2 times a day. I can recommend this trip across Russia. It is easy. If you do not speak russian , do not worry, they are helpful. You will always find a russian passenger who speaks english. ( I speak russian, but a lot of foreign passengers do not. They enjoyed the trip as well ) Brgds Joerg Pliquett
Train number: 002М
Travel date: 02 Juli 2019
Joerg Pliquett, Germany
feedback left 1 week ago
Very old train, without breeze, 3rd class traveled with better conditions than ours. The WC was closed by technical problems during major time of trip, and we have to change to another coach. Please, don’t use this coach more, is too old, and we doubt that anybody find it confortable.
Train number: 008Н
Travel date: 01 Juli 2019
Jordi Bernabeu , Spain and Canary Islands
feedback left 3 weeks ago
The clean sheets that each passenger promptly received
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 23 Juni 2019
Julia Owens, United States Of America (USA)
feedback left 3 weeks ago
It was O.K. this time. The experience would depend on the roommates and the conductors .
Train number: 008У
Travel date: 15 Juni 2019
Yoshie Hayase, Japan
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