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Feedback vor 6 months Tagen abgegeben
I booked this train commute from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn because I much prefer train travel over flying. Especially when it's relatively short distances. I wanted to see Autumn leaves and small towns. I got to see all over this. But the fact that my friend and I had our own room with a giant window and two beds... It was incredible! Plus, the women working on that train were the kindest, most helpful travel industry people we have encountered in a very long time. They helped us to our proper car and then room, they brought us breakfast and even sold us train souvenirs. All of this without a common language. :) Even the border patrol was courteous. The train itself was super comfortable and quiet. My ONLY complaint is that the breakfast was not vegetarian so I couldn't eat the eggs as they had meat chopped up in them and even the cheese slices were mixed with meat. So maybe if I could have requested that prior I wouldn't have wasted to much food. But everything else was beyond expectation.
Zugnummer: 034А
Reisedatum: 26 Sep. 2019
Deborah, United States Of America (USA)
Feedback vor 7 months Tagen abgegeben
The train was on time and clean. The passport control was fine and went smoothly.
Zugnummer: 034А
Reisedatum: 08 Sep. 2019
Gavin Gibson, United Kingdom (UK)
Feedback vor 8 months Tagen abgegeben
I found very easy take the train and enjoyed very much the trip. I think you can alert the passengers that there’s a restaurant in the train (I found few people there and the food was good)
Zugnummer: 034А
Reisedatum: 08 Aug. 2019
Cláudio, Brazil
Feedback vor 8 months Tagen abgegeben
too much time in the emigration area without air conditioning. Everything else was acceptble.
Zugnummer: 034А
Reisedatum: 16 Juli 2019
Kyehoon, Korea, Republic of
Feedback vor 9 months Tagen abgegeben
Train was very comfortable and the staff on the train very friendly even though we didn’t speak each other’s language. Everything was on time
Zugnummer: 034А
Reisedatum: 02 Juli 2019
United Kingdom (UK)
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