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Krasnojarsk - Ekaterinburg Zugfahrkarten

Russische Zugtickets
Abfahrtsort: Die Länge des Feldes muss zwischen 1 und 35 Zeichen betragen Unknown station
Ankunftsort: Die Länge des Feldes muss zwischen 1 und 35 Zeichen betragen Der Zielort stimmt mit dem Abfahrtsort überein Unknown station
Abreisedatum: Das Feld muss ausgefüllt werden
Rückreisedatum: Das Feld muss ausgefüllt werden

Krasnojarsk nach Jekaterinburg Details zur Verbindung


Schnellste Verbindung 31h 17m
Durchschnittliche Reisezeit 34h 15m
Distanz 1963 km

Züge im Überblick

Erste Abfahrt 08:19
Letzte Abfahrt 21:12
Züge pro Tag 4 - 5
Preis ab 87.91 $

Krasnojarsk - Ekaterinburg Zeitplan

Abfahrtszeit Ankunftszeit Fahrzeit Abreisedaten Zug Preis ab
08:19 13:36 31h 17m jeden Tag 001М Rossiya 129.57 $
10:50 21:55 37h 05m jeden Tag 069Ч 87.91 $
18:08 02:51 34h 43m Odd-numbered 081И 100.19 $
20:30 04:52 34h 22m jeden Tag 055Ы Enisey 160.29 $
21:12 05:00 33h 48m jeden Tag 099Э 94.62 $


Feedback vor 2 weeks Tagen abgegeben
The beds were comfortable. It was nice to be able to charge devices. The food portions were a bit small.
Train number: 099Э
Travel date: 10 Nov. 2019
Micah, United States Of America (USA)
Feedback vor 7 weeks Tagen abgegeben
The train was a lit le bit old.
Train number: 081И
Travel date: 13 Okt. 2019
Monica, Germany
Feedback vor 8 weeks Tagen abgegeben
Really confortable and very clean. People of the company on board are very kind and helpful even they don’t speak English. Maybe, it will more helpful to give some informations in English on a small lefflet to foreigners, to know the rules on the train. I mean take off the shoes, how does the restaurant runs, time to get off when the train stop at a station... I read a lot on different guides before but Russian Train could do something. And I think the restaurant could be more cosy (question about the white light). Except that, it’s was a real pleasure to travel on your lines.
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 09 Okt. 2019
Marc Irondelle, France
Feedback vor 8 weeks Tagen abgegeben
The train was very good. But for meit was too hot
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 04 Okt. 2019
Monica Spain, Germany
Feedback vor 3 months Tagen abgegeben
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend it. The scenery is incredible. The staff were efficient, helpful and kind and we felt very well looked after. Everything was clean and well stocked and the beds were comfortable. The restaurant was very basic and didn’t seem to have much of the menu available but we had bought our own food so it wasn’t too much of a problem.
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 19 Aug. 2019
Saf Lunn, United Kingdom (UK)
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