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Train de Saint Petersbourg à Moscou

Billets de train russes
Ville de départ: Le champ doit avoir entre 1 et 35 caractères Unknown station
Ville d'arrivée: Le champ doit avoir entre 1 et 35 caractères La ville d'arrivée coïncide avec le point de départ Unknown station
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Saint-Pétersbourg à Moscou détails de l'itinéraire

Aperçu de la route

Le voyage le plus rapide 3h 30m
Temps de trajet moyen 5h 36m
Distance 631 km

Vue d'ensemble des trains

Premier départ 00:11
Dernier départ 23:55
Trenes por día 24 - 26
Prix à partir de 48.45 $

Saint-Pétersbourg - Moscou les horaires

Heure de départ Heure d'arrivée Durée du voyage Dates de départ Train Prix à partir de
00:11 09:45 9h 34m chaque jour 119А 62.52 $
01:05 09:30 8h 25m chaque jour 034В Baltic Express 58.14 $
05:30 09:00 3h 30m chaque jour 751А Sapsan 78.70 $
06:40 10:43 4h 03m chaque jour 753А Sapsan 78.70 $
06:50 10:52 4h 02m chaque jour 755А Sapsan 82.29 $

avis sur le train

Avis laissé il y a 2 days jours
like: cleanliness, friendly staffs, safety and security, convenience when boarding and alighting the train, quiet, availability of electric socket to charge phones on every seat, there was an overhead bag compartment as well as a rack for the bigger bags. dislike: the design of the seat somewhat makes my body ache around my back and waist, and the complimentary food given to us was cold sandwhich, i hope you would give us some hot food instead.
Train number: 769А
Travel date: 14 nov. 2019
R J Gunawan, Indonesia
Avis laissé il y a 4 days jours
It was wonderful tripe
Train number: 765А
Travel date: 12 nov. 2019
Ameen ElBana, Cyprus
Avis laissé il y a 1 week jours
On 5th we availed the Sapsan train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The fare of this train from St. Petersburg to Moscow on 8-11-19 was much less but in terms of service it was almost at par n perhaps better in certain areas. We were given complimentary bacon sandwiches, journals were provided and also gift hampers containing chocolate bar and slippers for use in the train to each passenger!! Staffs were extremely courteous and attended whenever requested!! It took about 20 mins more than Sapsan in the same route!! Highly recommended!!
Train number: 747А
Travel date: 08 nov. 2019
Kaushik Chatterjee, India
Avis laissé il y a 1 week jours
Wide space, comfortable seat. Good service.
Train number: 759А
Travel date: 08 nov. 2019
Chania, Thailand
Avis laissé il y a 1 week jours
We did like the cleaness and the service on board. Traveling by train from saint Petersburg to moscow has been a great esperience for us all. 1st class at the price of a 2nd class.
Train number: 747А
Travel date: 05 nov. 2019
Vincenzo, Italy
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