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Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk boletos de tren

Billetes de tren en Rusia
Ciudad de origen: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres Unknown station
Ciudad de destino: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres La ciudad de llegada coincide con el punto de partida Unknown station
Fecha de salida: El campo debe ser completado
Fecha de regreso: El campo debe ser completado

Ecaterimburgo a Novosibirsk detalles de la ruta

Vista general de la ruta

El viaje más rápido 19h 54m
Tiempo promedio de viaje 21h 39m
Distância 1397 km

Resumen de trenes

Primera salida 03:32
Última salida 21:49
Trenes por día 5 - 7
Precio a partir de 68.72 $

Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk Horario

Hora de salida Hora de llegada Duración de viaje Fechas de salida Tren Precio a partir de
03:32 01:26 19h 54m on
Mon, Wed, Sat
002Щ Rossiya 101.88 $
03:50 02:19 20h 29m Even-numbered 038Н Tomich 88.98 $
04:26 04:17 21h 51m Even-numbered 014А Novokuznetsk 88.20 $
06:02 06:00 21h 58m todos los dias 068Ы 70.29 $
07:02 08:56 23h 54m Odd-numbered 140Н 84.30 $

comentarios de los trenes

Comentarios dejados hace 4 weeks días
I liked the trip. Every thing was as promised. But it could be more signs and information in English for the foreigners.
Train number: 068Ы
Travel date: 07 oct. 2019
Jordan Moura, Brazil
Comentarios dejados hace 5 weeks días
Very comfortable
Train number: 056Ы
Travel date: 04 oct. 2019
Herman, Australia
Comentarios dejados hace 5 weeks días
Disliked the lack of a bath room. Bed was bit small. On my age (76) a upper level bed is no . i assumed meals were inclusief but that was bot the case. I liked many things : punctualiteit, cleanliness, conductor
Train number: 002Щ
Travel date: 30 sept. 2019
Rudol fontijn, Netherlands
Comentarios dejados hace 6 weeks días
All was good , service was good really awesome . Only part didn't liked was the water , don't sale carbonated water on the train.
Train number: 038Н
Travel date: 21 sept. 2019
Amit Banerjee, India
Comentarios dejados hace 8 weeks días
All was correct. Train on time and clean, individual electricity connexion in 3rd class and a really friendly provonitza (unfortunately, it seems that this kind of nice provonitza are an excepcion).
Train number: 056Ы
Travel date: 11 sept. 2019
Guillem, Spain and Canary Islands
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