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Novosibirsk - Ekaterinburg boletos de tren

Billetes de tren en Rusia
Ciudad de origen: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres Unknown station
Ciudad de destino: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres La ciudad de llegada coincide con el punto de partida Unknown station
Fecha de salida: El campo debe ser completado
Fecha de regreso: El campo debe ser completado

Novosibirsk a Ecaterimburgo detalles de la ruta

Vista general de la ruta

El viaje más rápido 19h 24m
Tiempo promedio de viaje 21h 21m
Distância 1397 km

Resumen de trenes

Primera salida 03:57
Última salida 21:38
Trenes por día 3 - 7
Precio a partir de 70.76 $

Novosibirsk - Ekaterinburg Horario

Hora de salida Hora de llegada Duración de viaje Fechas de salida Tren Precio a partir de
03:57 23:03 21h 13m Even-numbered 013Н Novokuznetsk 91.07 $
07:02 02:51 21h 49m Even-numbered 081И 81.32 $
07:02 02:51 21h 49m Odd-numbered 075Э 72.38 $
09:24 04:52 21h 28m Even-numbered 091И 70.75 $
10:08 05:00 20h 52m todos los dias 099Э 74.82 $

comentarios de los trenes

Comentarios dejados hace 3 weeks días
Pretty good considering the space and little facilities. If you organize yourself a little bit, it’s very enjoyable even for 3rd class.
Train number: 099Э
Travel date: 23 dic. 2019
Hélène Petitjean, France
Comentarios dejados hace 8 weeks días
The beds were comfortable. It was nice to be able to charge devices. The food portions were a bit small.
Train number: 099Э
Travel date: 10 nov. 2019
Micah, United States Of America (USA)
Comentarios dejados hace 2 months días
It was very good. We were a group of 11 people with children and one disabled young man and all was very nice.
Train number: 117Н
Travel date: 25 oct. 2019
Anja (Germany), Germany
Comentarios dejados hace 2 months días
The train was a lit le bit old.
Train number: 081И
Travel date: 13 oct. 2019
Monica, Germany
Comentarios dejados hace 2 months días
Really confortable and very clean. People of the company on board are very kind and helpful even they don’t speak English. Maybe, it will more helpful to give some informations in English on a small lefflet to foreigners, to know the rules on the train. I mean take off the shoes, how does the restaurant runs, time to get off when the train stop at a station... I read a lot on different guides before but Russian Train could do something. And I think the restaurant could be more cosy (question about the white light). Except that, it’s was a real pleasure to travel on your lines.
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 09 oct. 2019
Marc Irondelle, France
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