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Moscú - Ulán Udé boletos de tren

Billetes de tren en Rusia
Ciudad de origen: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres Unknown station
Ciudad de destino: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres La ciudad de llegada coincide con el punto de partida Unknown station
Fecha de salida: El campo debe ser completado
Fecha de regreso: El campo debe ser completado

Moscú a Ulán Udé detalles de la ruta

Vista general de la ruta

El viaje más rápido 82h 07m
Tiempo promedio de viaje 87h 27m
Distância 4420 km

Resumen de trenes

Primera salida 00:35
Última salida 23:55
Trenes por día 3 - 4
Precio a partir de 159.56 $

Moscú - Ulán Udé Horario

Hora de salida Hora de llegada Duración de viaje Fechas de salida Tren Precio a partir de
00:35 04:46 95h 11m todos los dias 100Э 172.52 $
13:10 11:58 89h 48m Even-numbered 082И 159.56 $
13:50 16:12 93h 22m todos los dias 070Ч 161.13 $
23:45 14:56 82h 11m Odd-numbered 002Щ Rossiya 258.30 $
23:55 15:02 82h 07m on
006Щ 351.99 $

Moscú - Ulán Udé train reviews

feedback left 1 week ago
All was correct. The train was on time and clean and the train staff was correct.
Train number: 070Ч
Travel date: 08 sept. 2019
Guillem, Spain and Canary Islands
feedback left 2 weeks ago
I liked Puntualidad. Profesionalidad del encargado del vagón. Servicio de samovar. Organización del tren en general. I disliked la falta de limpieza del baño
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 02 sept. 2019
Yolanda, Spain and Canary Islands
feedback left 3 weeks ago
I liked the bed, it was comfortable, although it was almost too short for me. I liked our seat neighbors, they were very friendly and the staff too. I liked, that we could have hot water all the time. I disliked that the bed was too short for my partner.
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 26 ago. 2019
Fiona and Max., Germany
feedback left 4 weeks ago
The train was comfortable and the coach was nice as expected. All went perfect.
Train number: 004ЗA
Travel date: 17 ago. 2019
Vicente G, Spain and Canary Islands
feedback left 4 weeks ago
Of all trains from Moscow to Beijing this one was the least comfortable. Old train with no included meal, no airco but fan, not working power outlets only on hallway. Suddenly no toilet paper. Chinese crew that barely communicated. Seems the Chinese trains have a less good experience than the Russian ones. But I guess it is a lottery which train you get as all others were better in some way
Train number: 004ЗA
Travel date: 17 ago. 2019
Jur, Spain and Canary Islands
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