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Mosca - Ulan-Udė biglietti ferroviari

Biglietti ferroviari in Russia
Città di partenza: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri Unknown station
Città di arrivo: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri La città di arrivo coincide con il punto di partenza Unknown station
Data di partenza: Il campo va compilato
Data di ritorno: Il campo va compilato

Mosca per Ulan-Udė dettagli tragitto

Panoramica di viaggio

Il viaggio più veloce 82h 07m
Tempo medio di percorrenza 88h 31m
Distanza 4420 km

Panoramica dei treni

Prima partenza 00:35
Ultima partenza 23:55
Treni al giorno 2 - 4
Prezzo a partire da 163.84 $

Mosca - Ulan-Udė orari

Orario di partenza Orario di arrivo Durata del viaggio Date di partenza Treno Prezzo a partire da
00:35 04:46 95h 11m ogni giorno 100Э 177.17 $
13:10 11:58 89h 48m Even-numbered 082И 163.84 $
13:50 16:12 93h 22m ogni giorno 070Ч 165.46 $
23:55 15:02 82h 07m on
006ЩА 382.99 $
23:55 15:02 82h 07m on
004ЗA 359.31 $

recensioni treno

Comentário deixado há 1 week dias atrás
Train 006 - very comfortable , punctual and had an excellent (Russian) dining car. We spent 5 nights on the train, it went by in a flash. It was a very enjoyable journey
Train number: 006ЩА
Travel date: 02 gen 2020
Dr Derek McLaughlan, United Kingdom (UK)
Comentário deixado há 2 weeks dias atrás
The train is not new, but comfortable enough. The toilet was very clean as the train crew meticulously took care and he was cleaning along the corridors as well. As my wagon train crews were Chinese, it was much easier for me to communicate with them as I speak Chinese. And they took care of me and my family too. Very pleasant and wonderful journey!
Train number: 004ЗA
Travel date: 25 dic 2019
Jeene, Singapore
Comentário deixado há 7 weeks dias atrás
Very impressive journey! I could occupy a room for me without any other passenger.
Train number: 004ЗA
Travel date: 20 nov 2019
Ryo, Japan
Comentário deixado há 2 months dias atrás
I booked 2nd class cabin. Every thing was clean and set up perfectly. The service was outstanding!
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 14 ott 2019
Bobby W. Chambers, United States Of America (USA)
Comentário deixado há 2 months dias atrás
I thought it was great, trip of a life time. I plan on going again next year.
Train number: 004ЗA
Travel date: 09 ott 2019
Tom Eastwood, United States Of America (USA)
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