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Billetes de tren en Rusia
Ciudad de origen: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres Unknown station
Ciudad de destino: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres La ciudad de llegada coincide con el punto de partida Unknown station
Fecha de salida: El campo debe ser completado
Fecha de regreso: El campo debe ser completado

Moscú a Tver detalles de la ruta

Vista general de la ruta

El viaje más rápido 1h 00m
Tiempo promedio de viaje 1h 14m
Distância 162 km

Resumen de trenes

Primera salida 00:44
Última salida 22:28
Trenes por día 10 - 11
Precio a partir de 27.21 $

Moscú - Tver Horario

Hora de salida Hora de llegada Duración de viaje Fechas de salida Tren Precio a partir de
00:44 02:38 1h 54m todos los dias 059Г Volga 43.82 $
06:50 07:54 1h 04m todos los dias 754А Sapsan 45.38 $
07:00 08:04 1h 04m todos los dias 756А Sapsan 45.38 $
11:40 12:41 1h 01m on
Sat, Sun
764А Sapsan 49.29 $
13:30 14:34 1h 04m todos los dias 766А Sapsan 45.38 $

comentarios de los trenes

Comentarios dejados hace 1 week días
Very good overall impression: comfortable & safe trip, clean train, friendly staff. There is free wifi on board, but the quality of connexion is poor. I booked a seat in a restaurant couch, including a meal. The quality of food was disappointing: the lettuce in my Cesar salad was really not fresh, the blinis were tasteless. One more negative point about the restaurant : the train ticket includes a prepaid meal, of a certain value and you can pick dishes and drinks from the menu, within the credit limit. I travelled together with a colleague, one of us did not use around 100 roubles of meal credits and the other one went 50 roubles over the credit. However, there is no possibility to transfer credits from one person to another travelling together. So, we have to pay the 50 roubles while loosing the unconsumed roubles on the other ticket. It is not convenient and fair for families and group travellers. Due to poor wifi connection & quality meal, I rate 8 stars.
Train number: 776А
Travel date: 26 oct. 2019
Ioulia, France
Comentarios dejados hace 2 weeks días
Excellent service!!! The host new where I was going and she woke me up in good time.
Train number: 756А
Travel date: 24 oct. 2019
Karen, Chile
Comentarios dejados hace 3 weeks días
It was a comfortable trip with good service. The only criticism I have (and that is not the rail company's fault) is that the signposting at the station in Moscow is confusing.
Train number: 770А
Travel date: 13 oct. 2019
PT, Germany
Comentarios dejados hace 3 weeks días
The ride was ok, the only thing I dislike was the disorganization getting inside the train. Specially because the Chinese groups. It was hard to walk on the platform and we had to walk on the edge with our bags, which I found dangerous. Better organization with this groups its advisable.
Train number: 776А
Travel date: 12 oct. 2019
Camilo, Colombia
Comentarios dejados hace 4 weeks días
I don't like the control of the passport before the entrace on the platform, I've found it crazy and messy. However the service, the cleaning and the timing were perfect.
Train number: 756А
Travel date: 06 oct. 2019
Marianna, Italy
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