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Vyshny Volochyok - Moscou Bilhetes de trem

Bilhetes de Trens Russos
Cidade de Partida: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Unknown station
Cidade de Chegada: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Cidade de destino coincide com o ponto de partida Unknown station
Data de Partida: O campo deve ser preenchido
Data de Retorno: O campo deve ser preenchido

Vyshny Volochyok Para Moscou Detalhes da rota

Visão geral da rota

Viagem mais rápida 1h 40m
Tempo médio de viagem 2h 20m
Distância 274 Km

Visão geral dos trens

Primeira partida 02:45
Última partida 21:28
Trens por dia 7 - 7
Preço a partir de 20.18 $

Vyshny Volochyok - Moscou Horários

Hora de partida Hora de chegada Duração da viagem Data de partida Trem Preço a partir de
02:45 05:49 3h 04m todos os dias 029А 20.17 $
03:00 06:14 3h 14m todos os dias 009Ч Pskov 24.87 $
05:43 08:53 3h 10m todos os dias 017А Petrozavodsk – Moscow 51.50 $
08:55 10:43 1h 48m todos os dias 753А Sapsan 54.00 $
11:25 13:05 1h 40m todos os dias 759А Sapsan 54.00 $

Comentários sobre o trem

Comentário deixado há 5 days dias atrás
Wide space, comfortable seat. Good service.
Train number: 759А
Travel date: 08 nov 2019
Chania, Thailand
Comentário deixado há 6 days dias atrás
The train was very clean and comfortable. The breakfast was a pleasant surprise. I wish I had known that our seats were backwards beforehand. If I had, I would have bought the one facing forward. The seat back was not reclining, so it was a little bit hard to get into sleep. I also wish that there were a sign in the waiting area so that I can see if the train is waiting right at the platform. I had to wait for more than 20 minutes at the platform in a cold weather before the train comes in.
Train number: 759А
Travel date: 31 out 2019
Peter, United States Of America (USA)
Comentário deixado há 2 weeks dias atrás
The journey was faultless. Staff on the train couldn’t have been more welcoming and helpful. The carriage was clean and comfortable and the variety and quality of the food and beverages was excellent.
Train number: 753А
Travel date: 24 out 2019
Veronica Harris, United Kingdom (UK)
Comentário deixado há 3 weeks dias atrás
Onboard service was good and staff, even if they didn't speak fluent English, still went out of their way to help. Hygene and cleanliness of bathrooms could be better.
Train number: 017А
Travel date: 23 out 2019
Mark Muscat de Celis, Malta
Comentário deixado há 3 weeks dias atrás
We bought the standard ticket but was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and legroom. Ample overhead space for our backpacks as well. A trolley cart provided regular service if you wanted to buy tea , coffee or other items. Each person was given earphones to listen to music or watch tv. Absolutely spotless. Passing through interesting landscapes. Loved every moment of my journey. I planned on sleeping but never did. Worth travelling this way to and from St Petersburg than flying. We booked online. Easy booking process.
Train number: 759А
Travel date: 23 out 2019
Vispagandhi, South Africa
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