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Moscú - Tallin boletos de tren

Billetes de tren en Rusia
Ciudad de origen: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres Unknown station
Ciudad de destino: El campo admite entre 1 y 35 caracteres La ciudad de llegada coincide con el punto de partida Unknown station
Fecha de salida: El campo debe ser completado
Fecha de regreso: El campo debe ser completado

Moscú a Tallin detalles de la ruta

Vista general de la ruta

El viaje más rápido 15h 40m
Tiempo promedio de viaje 15h 40m
Distância 867 km

Resumen de trenes

Primera salida 22:15
Última salida 22:15
Trenes por día 1 - 1
Precio a partir de 73.75 $

Moscú - Tallin Horario

Hora de salida Hora de llegada Duración de viaje Fechas de salida Tren Precio a partir de
22:15 13:55 15h 40m todos los dias 034А Baltic Express 73.75 $

comentarios de los trenes

Comentarios dejados hace 5 weeks días
Perfect services - train on time. clear and nice servants in every cabin. train is nice, seats are OK.
Train number: 034А
Travel date: 01 oct. 2019
Eesti Kontsert, Russian Federation
Comentarios dejados hace 6 weeks días
I booked this train commute from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn because I much prefer train travel over flying. Especially when it's relatively short distances. I wanted to see Autumn leaves and small towns. I got to see all over this. But the fact that my friend and I had our own room with a giant window and two beds... It was incredible! Plus, the women working on that train were the kindest, most helpful travel industry people we have encountered in a very long time. They helped us to our proper car and then room, they brought us breakfast and even sold us train souvenirs. All of this without a common language. :) Even the border patrol was courteous. The train itself was super comfortable and quiet. My ONLY complaint is that the breakfast was not vegetarian so I couldn't eat the eggs as they had meat chopped up in them and even the cheese slices were mixed with meat. So maybe if I could have requested that prior I wouldn't have wasted to much food. But everything else was beyond expectation.
Train number: 034А
Travel date: 26 sept. 2019
Deborah, United States Of America (USA)
Comentarios dejados hace 8 weeks días
The seats felt dirty. I couldn't reach the floor or the foot rest.
Train number: 034А
Travel date: 08 sept. 2019
Bev, Australia
Comentarios dejados hace 8 weeks días
The train was on time and clean. The passport control was fine and went smoothly.
Train number: 034А
Travel date: 08 sept. 2019
Gavin Gibson, United Kingdom (UK)
Comentarios dejados hace 2 months días
I found very easy take the train and enjoyed very much the trip. I think you can alert the passengers that there’s a restaurant in the train (I found few people there and the food was good)
Train number: 034А
Travel date: 08 ago. 2019
Cláudio, Brazil
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