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Cidade de Chegada: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Cidade de destino coincide com o ponto de partida Estação desconhecida
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Riga Para São Petersburgo Detalhes da rota

Visão geral da rota

Viagem mais rápida 15h 40m
Tempo médio de viagem 15h 40m
Distância 489 Km

Visão geral dos trens

Primeira partida 16:50
Última partida 16:50
Trens por dia 1 - 1
Preço a partir de 104.34 $

Riga - São Petersburgo Horários

Hora de partida Hora de chegada Duração da viagem Data de partida Trem Preço a partir de
16:50 09:30 15h 40m todos os dias 002Т 104.35 $

Comentários sobre o trem

Comentário deixado há 2 months dias atrás
Our compartment was lovely — fresh flowers, fresh cookies, bottled water, soft towels, soft pillows, warm blankets and a large TV with surprisingly good selections. Everything was immaculate, and car's WC was generally clean. All the staff were very friendly, even the various border agents. All the processing was complete before midnight, so we could go to sleep without worrying about interruptions.
Número do trem: 002Т
Data de viagem: 01 jan 2020
Karen and Koichi, United States Of America (USA)
Comentário deixado há 6 months dias atrás
What I liked The beds were comfortable and the sheets were clean. We had a TV in our room with movies that we could select The room had water and cookies Staff was very attentive and helpful The restaurant was nice and clean with good food Train left and arrived on schedule Didn’t like The train was a bit old. The tickets were expensive It was not clear how to find the correct car number when we were boarding It was difficult to figure out how to operate the TV
Número do trem: 002Т
Data de viagem: 25 ago 2019
Tina, Israel
Comentário deixado há 7 months dias atrás
The train ride was a great experience and in general met our expectations! The staff (as well as other passengers) were helpful with translating when needed; sleeping conditions were good, toilet was clean, we were provided with all the necessary essentials such as pillow and blankets, water, there was even tea available free of charge! One confusing detail was that in the Riga Railway station we did not see any sign which platform our train is leaving from, however later we found out that the same train later splits and goes to both St. Petersburg and Moscow. We got on the righ train carriage at the end, but it could be more clearly marked. Overall positive experience!
Número do trem: 002Т
Data de viagem: 22 jul 2019
Darta, Latvia
Comentário deixado há 7 months dias atrás
Good confort and nice travel. But one point might be improved for an international line : most of the attendants do not speak a single word of English. We have been asked to fill in a form for custom completely written in Russian. It was impossible to get some help for translation from the attendants and we have been helped by other Russian passengers. Except that point, the attendants were very kind and professionnal. The restaurant is fine, but the service is very slow... And we arrived at the Saint Petersburg train station, it was impossible too to get some information in English. There is a desk "information" but the people behind does not speak a word of English (nor German or French). We have been helped by passengers to find our way to the metro.
Número do trem: 002Т
Data de viagem: 21 jul 2019
Sophie, France
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