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Moscou - Tyumen Bilhetes de trem

Bilhetes de Trens Russos
Cidade de Partida: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Unknown station
Cidade de Chegada: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Cidade de destino coincide com o ponto de partida Unknown station
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Moscou Para Tyumen Detalhes da rota

Visão geral da rota

Viagem mais rápida 30h 05m
Tempo médio de viagem 33h 21m
Distância 1710 Km

Visão geral dos trens

Primeira partida 00:35
Última partida 23:45
Trens por dia 3 - 8
Preço a partir de 81.60 $

Moscou - Tyumen Horários

Hora de partida Hora de chegada Duração da viagem Data de partida Trem Preço a partir de
00:35 17:07 38h 32m todos os dias 100Э 99.28 $
03:14 16:57 35h 43m on
064Б 120.10 $
13:10 23:54 32h 44m Even-numbered 082И 81.60 $
13:50 02:31 34h 41m todos os dias 070Ч 84.74 $
16:38 03:13 32h 35m Even-numbered 060У Tyumen 108.69 $

Moscou - Tyumen train reviews

feedback left 2 days ago
I booked 2nd class cabin. Every thing was clean and set up perfectly. The service was outstanding!
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 14 out 2019
Bobby W. Chambers, United States Of America (USA)
feedback left 2 weeks ago
Disliked the lack of a bath room. Bed was bit small. On my age (76) a upper level bed is no . i assumed meals were inclusief but that was bot the case. I liked many things : punctualiteit, cleanliness, conductor
Train number: 002Щ
Travel date: 30 set 2019
Rudol fontijn, Netherlands
feedback left 3 weeks ago
All was good , service was good really awesome . Only part didn't liked was the water , don't sale carbonated water on the train.
Train number: 038Н
Travel date: 21 set 2019
Amit Banerjee, India
feedback left 3 weeks ago
It was a very comfortable trip. Staff was super kind. Thank you very much. :)
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 19 set 2019
Ljuban, Serbia
feedback left 4 weeks ago
Everything was great even the service and the beddings were clean. The beds were comfortable, toilet was clean. Only the problem with the sockets they weren’t working so I couldn’t charge my devices
Train number: 136М
Travel date: 12 set 2019
Janice, Zimbabwe
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