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Krasnoyarsk - Moscou Bilhetes de trem

Bilhetes de Trens Russos
Cidade de Partida: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Unknown station
Cidade de Chegada: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Cidade de destino coincide com o ponto de partida Unknown station
Data de Partida: O campo deve ser preenchido
Data de Retorno: O campo deve ser preenchido

Krasnoyarsk Para Moscou Detalhes da rota

Visão geral da rota

Viagem mais rápida 57h 52m
Tempo médio de viagem 62h 22m
Distância 3348 Km

Visão geral dos trens

Primeira partida 08:21
Última partida 21:12
Trens por dia 3 - 3
Preço a partir de 126.99 $

Krasnoyarsk - Moscou Horários

Hora de partida Hora de chegada Duração da viagem Data de partida Trem Preço a partir de
08:21 14:13 57h 52m Even-numbered 001М Rossiya 196.24 $
18:08 04:57 62h 49m Odd-numbered 081И 139.41 $
18:08 04:57 62h 49m Even-numbered 075Э 131.64 $
20:30 05:52 62h 22m Odd-numbered 091И 126.98 $
21:12 11:13 66h 01m todos os dias 099Э 150.73 $

Krasnoyarsk - Moscou train reviews

feedback left 5 days ago
The train was very good. But for meit was too hot
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 04 out 2019
Monica Spain, Germany
feedback left 7 weeks ago
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend it. The scenery is incredible. The staff were efficient, helpful and kind and we felt very well looked after. Everything was clean and well stocked and the beds were comfortable. The restaurant was very basic and didn’t seem to have much of the menu available but we had bought our own food so it wasn’t too much of a problem.
Train number: 001М
Travel date: 19 ago 2019
Saf Lunn, United Kingdom (UK)
feedback left 2 months ago
Great experience, meet a lot of people!
Train number: 099Э
Travel date: 12 jul 2019
feedback left 3 months ago
The train is time-keeping is good. The toilet is clean and keep it daily. The train compartment keeping is clean and sweeping daily, Hot water is provided.
Train number: 099Э
Travel date: 09 jun 2019
Hong Kong
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