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Irkutsk - Omsk Bilhetes de trem

Bilhetes de Trens Russos
Cidade de Partida: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Unknown station
Cidade de Chegada: O campo deve conter de 1 a 35 caracteres Cidade de destino coincide com o ponto de partida Unknown station
Data de Partida: O campo deve ser preenchido
Data de Retorno: O campo deve ser preenchido

Irkutsk Para Omsk Detalhes da rota

Visão geral da rota

Viagem mais rápida 42h 21m
Tempo médio de viagem 42h 21m
Distância 2044 Km

Visão geral dos trens

Primeira partida 16:39
Última partida 16:39
Trens por dia 1 - 1
Preço a partir de 94.18 $

Irkutsk - Omsk Horários

Hora de partida Hora de chegada Duração da viagem Data de partida Trem Preço a partir de
16:39 09:00 42h 21m todos os dias 069Ч 94.18 $

Irkutsk - Omsk train reviews

feedback left 5 weeks ago
From Irkutsk to Krasnoyarsk, the train was delayed for 2 1/2 hours. I had to wait at the train station for my first experience From krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk, again train delayed for about 1 hour. At least from Novosibirsk to Ekaterinburg, no delay! Unfortunately, when I booked my train tickets, there is a lot of English missing for example, my 2nd class 4berth, there was no way to find out if breakfast was included. From Krasnosyark to Novosibirsk I was not aware that breakfast was included. This I was told by the person on duty. It does not mention in English, only in Russian. The toilets were kept clean, and the sheets were given to us very cleaned.
Train number: 069Ч
Travel date: 06 ago 2019
Nikkie, Australia
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