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Ekaterinburg - Omsk biglietti ferroviari

Biglietti ferroviari in Russia
Città di partenza: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri Unknown station
Città di arrivo: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri La città di arrivo coincide con il punto di partenza Unknown station
Data di partenza: Il campo va compilato
Data di ritorno: Il campo va compilato

Ekaterinburg per Omsk dettagli tragitto

Panoramica di viaggio

Il viaggio più veloce 12h 02m
Tempo medio di percorrenza 12h 51m
Distanza 822 km

Panoramica dei treni

Prima partenza 03:51
Ultima partenza 21:40
Treni al giorno 4 - 4
Prezzo a partire da 53.94 $

Ekaterinburg - Omsk orari

Orario di partenza Orario di arrivo Durata del viaggio Date di partenza Treno Prezzo a partire da
03:51 16:53 12h 02m ogni giorno 038Н Tomich 80.40 $
06:02 21:15 14h 13m ogni giorno 068Ы 58.43 $
12:10 02:16 13h 06m ogni giorno 100Э 53.94 $
21:40 10:46 12h 06m ogni giorno 056Ы Enisey 83.39 $

Ekaterinburg - Omsk train reviews

feedback left 1 week ago
Its confortable but the wc smells really bad. The more hours you go, the smell start to expand to the wagon. Not good at all..
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 08 ago 2019
Pedro Antunes, Portugal
feedback left 1 week ago
Like: The service - Very good in mood and flexibility in regards of foreign language :-) Very polite and friendly The travel has been comfortable - last but not least due to the lower bunk The food was good Dislike: I have a huge respect about the distance between train step and platform ---
Train number: 070Ч
Travel date: 09 ago 2019
anonym, Germany
feedback left 5 weeks ago
The bathrooms were cleaned often and thoroughly, but they were always quite smelly. Other than that, the trip was perfect!
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 09 lug 2019
feedback left 6 weeks ago
I really liked the train Trip. Everything was clean and the people were nice. I was delighted by the beautiful train stations in Russia.
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 02 lug 2019
Czech Republic
feedback left 6 weeks ago
The train is quite confortable with provided sheets, cushion, blanket etc.. for the nights and also hot water in self-service throughout the journey. The provodnitsa is nice and really helpful. Trains are on time and I did not experienced a single delay. The toilets are maintained clean and with toilet paper. The only thing that could be improved is a clear display of train stops and how long they will stay at each stop.
Train number: 082И
Travel date: 30 giu 2019
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