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Perm - Irkutsk biglietti ferroviari

Biglietti ferroviari in Russia
Città di partenza: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri Unknown station
Città di arrivo: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri La città di arrivo coincide con il punto di partenza Unknown station
Data di partenza: Il campo va compilato
Data di ritorno: Il campo va compilato

Perm per Irkutsk dettagli tragitto

Panoramica di viaggio

Il viaggio più veloce 59h 23m
Tempo medio di percorrenza 59h 23m
Distanza 3053 km

Panoramica dei treni

Prima partenza 15:59
Ultima partenza 15:59
Treni al giorno 1 - 1
Prezzo a partire da 161.44 $

Perm - Irkutsk orari

Orario di partenza Orario di arrivo Durata del viaggio Date di partenza Treno Prezzo a partire da
15:59 06:22 59h 23m ogni giorno 070Ч 161.45 $

Perm - Irkutsk train reviews

feedback left 3 days ago
The bathrooms were cleaned often and thoroughly, but they were always quite smelly. Other than that, the trip was perfect!
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 09 lug 2019
Ceres Videira de Freitas e Barros, Portugal
feedback left 6 days ago
The train (002 ) from Moscow to Valdivosok was climatized, modern and mostly on time. The arrival in Vladivostok was on time. The trip went like anticipated. It was not the first time I used the Russian Railway on long range trips , so I am quite familiar with everything. In the new carriages we had 1 socket for the chargers ( Laptop, Mobile devices etc.) Internet is provided ( WIFI). The carriage was cleaned 2 times a day. I can recommend this trip across Russia. It is easy. If you do not speak russian , do not worry, they are helpful. You will always find a russian passenger who speaks english. ( I speak russian, but a lot of foreign passengers do not. They enjoyed the trip as well ) Brgds Joerg Pliquett
Train number: 002М
Travel date: 02 lug 2019
Joerg Pliquett, Germany
feedback left 2 weeks ago
Very old coach
Train number: 070Ч
Travel date: 29 giu 2019
Jordi Bernabeu, Spain and Canary Islands
feedback left 3 weeks ago
The clean sheets that each passenger promptly received
Train number: 100Э
Travel date: 23 giu 2019
Julia Owens, United States Of America (USA)