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Mosca - Malaya Vishera biglietti ferroviari

Biglietti ferroviari in Russia
Città di partenza: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri Unknown station
Città di arrivo: La lunghezza di questo campo deve essere tra 1 e 35 caratteri La città di arrivo coincide con il punto di partenza Unknown station
Data di partenza: Il campo va compilato
Data di ritorno: Il campo va compilato

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Comentário deixado há 8 weeks dias atrás
Thank you very much, everything is good
Train number: 059Г
Travel date: 22 nov 2019
Jevgeni Sidorov, Estonia
Comentário deixado há 3 months dias atrás
The train was fine but the cabins had poor airflow which made the experience less enjoyable.
Train number: 059Г
Travel date: 06 set 2019
SL, United States Of America (USA)
Comentário deixado há 4 months dias atrás
Booked two First class VIP cabins on night train. Had an amazing experience. The hostess was very courteous and asked for tea or arrival and helped us to settle in. The cabins were well furnished with welcome kit, bathrobes, individual toilets and shower. The berths fully made and ready to use as beds. There was good storage space for the luggage. TV and DVD player was also installed in the cabin. Reading material was also provided.
Train number: 041Г
Travel date: 05 ago 2019
Ateeq Rahman, Pakistan
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