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Lisez simplement notre instruction détaillée, qui vous guidera pas à pas tout au long du processus de réservation, et tout deviendra clair comme le jour.


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John K
08 Jun 2024
United States
The booking experience is wonderful- I have used it previously for tickets to Belgorod. Of course, ability to use US-issued credit cards is essential. The ticket cancellation process is easy. The maps of the trains- for seat selection, is very easy to use. And, when sending an email to customer service, a representative responds quickly and with assistance that is personal and usable. A really good company!
Helen Lombard
21 Sep 2023
Republic of South Africa
The booking experience was outstanding! Due to sanctions I wasn't able to use my Mastercard to book accommodation in Russia but I sent an enquiry about this to Russian Train and almost immediately they replied to confirm that I could use my card, which went through without a hitch. The whole process of booking, boarding etc was extremely efficient.
Rupert Romo
05 Aug 2023
Kingdom of Spain
It was perfect, my wife of Russian nationality only has a last name but apparently in the other reservation we have I have to introduce the daughter of... without problems.
Osamah Saudi
01 Aug 2020
Booking was very good, young lady from your office called me and spoke to me in English and gave me support, also answered my questions. Thank you, will use the train any time if I can.
Maqui Cigoy
21 Mar 2020
Excelente. Ningún problema al momento de abordar. Solo mostrando el ticket. Además el resumen de cómo llegar a la estación de tren me pareció perfecto.
16 Mar 2020
United States Of America (USA)
Quick and easy ... the purchase confirmation was immediate although there was a wait time for the release of the actual e-tickets ... when they finally came, the check-in itself at the train was great.
Harry Vorstenbosch
13 Mar 2020
It was a miracle to discover, that it was much more easy to book two following-up train-tickets on and via Your Website (with the very friendly help on the phone ) then to book one ticket via DB. But after making an account at the DB Website, booking was much more easy.
G. E., USA
01 Mar 2020
Booked my tickets online way ahead of trip. Very clear navigation when online. Upon getting into train I just had to show my passport and got my seat assigned.
Vincent (UK)
25 Feb 2020
United Kingdom (UK)
I tried to book more affordable seats from the UK via the main train operators web site but couldn’t (and despite tech help from them), so wasted a great deal of time, but booking via Russiantrain.com was straightforward.
22 Feb 2020
Booking was unexpectedly easy - and extra-helpful with a nice lady asking per e-mail if i was sure about booking an upper bed because the lower ones were more comfortable... Thanks a lot!
Shane O'Rourke
04 Feb 2020
United Kingdom (UK)
The website is easy to use and the staff everywhere are pleasant and helpful. I didn’t realize until very late that my train (9.20 to St Petersburg) left from Kurskii Vokzal and not Leningradskii. Maybe you could make that a bit clearer. But overall a terrific experience- much better than in the UK and much better than flying.
23 Jan 2020

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